Foundation's Board

Melinda Peters

I grew up with a much loved rescue and went to a local animal care center to find another the moment we brought our first home.  That “poodle mix” was in fact a Puli, and we have had them ever since – more often than not with at least one sibling who is a rescue.

I am a psychotherapist with my own practice and much of my leisure time is spent training and competing with our dogs.  For several years I was a regular volunteer at an LA City animal care center. I am active in my community and serve as an officer on our local library support group.

As one of the newer members on the Board of the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation, I am impressed by the learning curve and eager to engage in some of the hands-on upgrades and improvements we can provide for our animals and animal care center staff.  It is my hope that we can continue to educate the public about responsible pet ownership and make effective changes to ensure our messages to that end are effectively communicated.