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Phyllis Sullivan

Director Emeritus
Board member since
Current Term of Service:

For over 30 years, Phyliis Sullivan was the Volunteer Coordinator for the Los Angeles County Downey animal care center, and has been granted the “Volunteer of the Year” award twice. Other awards and certificates received for her generous service include the City of Whittier Outstanding Volunteer Award, Pet Visitation Award from the Brykirk Extended Care Home, City of Irvine Animal Care Center Recognition in the Third Chance Program, and the 20-Year Recognition Award from the County of Los Angeles.

Phyllis has especially focused on empowering other volunteers. She established the first designated area to develop and maintain a grooming program for animals at the Downey animal care center. This grooming program was later expanded to the Carson animal care center and has enabled more animals to be adopted from both animal care centers. Ultimately, this lead to the Foundation establishing the hugely successful Grooming Gives Hope Program which has been expanded to include not only Downey, but the Baldwin Park, Carson and the Lancaster animal care centers.

Phyllis Sullivan has served on the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation Board since its creation in 1983. She wholeheartedly believes in the need for spay/neuter programs and education regarding responsible pet ownership.

She has a daughter, two grandchildren, two great-grandsons, and shares her home with a Shepherd-mix dog and two adopted cats.