Message From Our President


Since my retirement from animal services 10 years ago, I have been involved with The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation. This tremendous honor and privilege has proven to be a highlight of my career in animal welfare.

I invite you to review each of the board members’ bios included on this web page. You will be delighted to see the excellent credentials and experience each of these individuals bring to the ACF Board. The collective knowledge, experience and background of the all volunteer board has enabled the Foundation to meet or exceed its yearly goals, objectives and dreams.

It is inspiring to see employees, volunteers, local humane and law enforcement organizations doing so much to protect and serve animals in our communities. Animal-rescue programs and successful prosecutions of cruelty cases continue to be the key to animal protection and welfare.

The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation’s goal is to improve animal care center conditions for homeless animals and to educate staff and the general public about responsible pet care and ownership. Through our combined efforts in programs like “Faithful Friends,” “Noah’s Legacy,” “Dreams Come True,” and “Grooming Gives Hope,” we are committed to providing our support and financial assistance to the 7 County of Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control shelters and the tens-of-thousands of animals they serve and protect.

Our 501(c)(3) organization is committed to supporting programs that help reunite  lost/stolen animals, animals found with serious injuries, victims of mistreatment and/or animal cruelty and abuse, and animals displaced by disasters. Continued donations and public support are essential to our growth and future success in our humane efforts.

Please consider helping the Foundation with your donation. Your contribution will help us continue to provide spay/neuter and special care programs for animals waiting for new permanent homes.

On behalf of the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation, thank you for your support as we continue to support the Department of Animal Care and Control and fulfill our mission.

With Appreciation,
John Gonzales
ACF President