Stories Of Pets Saved

Motel 6 Mango

Mango, the two-year-old Chihuahua mix, was discovered abandoned at a Motel 6 in the City of El Monte. Upon arrival at the Baldwin Park Animal Care Center, Mango was promptly examined by our medical team. She exhibited noticeable discharge from the nose, indicating canine infectious respiratory disease. Despite her fear, Mango displayed remarkable resilience, bravely battling her illness.

With the dedication of our medical staff, Mango was prescribed medication and referred to a private clinic to ensure she received comprehensive treatment. After weeks of care and perseverance, Mango’s journey took a beautiful turn – on February 16, 2024, she found her forever home.

From neglect and abandonment to a loving new family, Mango embodies the resilient spirit of animals in need. Her story underscores the vital role compassionate individuals like you play in their lives. Your donations make stories like Mango’s possible. Your support ensures that dogs facing complex medical challenges, like Mango, receive the specialized care they deserve – care that may extend beyond what our care centers can provide alone.

The Kitten Who Survived

Kittens do have nine lives, or at least it appears that way. This story is proof of that myth, or fact, depending on your individual experience with cats.

The DACC Communications Center, which receives phone calls from the public, received a call of a tragically ill cat at a warehouse in Compton California on a busy summer afternoon. The cat was found in a storage container which arrived just a few hours earlier from Shanghai, China. A truck delivered the container to the business in Compton from the Port of Los Angeles moments after the ship arrived and off loaded.

The DACC animal control officer arrived at the business within the hour and found a young kitten in a cardboard box next to the container. According to the officer the kitten was found by a warehouse employee inside the container which took approximately 13 days to reach the Port of Los Angeles from the Port of Shanghai. The kitten, whose age was five-weeks old looked emaciated, seriously dehydrated, filthy and had advanced muscle atrophy symptoms. The kitten’s breathing was shallow and he could not open his eyes, which were crusted shut. The officer immediately transported the kitten to the veterinary team at the Carson Animal Care Center where it received immediate life-saving care. The prognosis was grim but the staff was willing to give him a shot at recovering. The next day the kitten, who was now named Ni Hao (“Hello” in Mandarin) showed some progress with stronger breathing, improving vital signs and slight movement of his head. He was kept warm, clean and received around the clock treatment. Within days Ni Hao was purring and attempting to stand. He was provided therapy which was done by volunteers and staff. Within a couple of weeks Ni Hao was walking, albeit with a wobbly gait, but he appeared to be getting stronger. After intense media coverage, the story went worldwide. A children’s book was written and published about Ni Hao’s journey and he got a home with a loving couple from a local beach city. The entire staff and volunteer team were elated and emotional when Ni Hao left for his new home, but proud of a job well done to save his young life. The latest update photo showed Ni Hao resting on the couch in his new home and looking very comfortable and well loved!