Fennec’s Dreams Came True

We were able to turn a very sad story into a happy ending for Fennec (called “Casper” by Departmental staff until his adoption). This little dog was severely abused by his original owner. Fennec had two extensively crushed legs, requiring special surgery which would have cost over $5,000. We were able to change this adorable dog’s life thanks to funding provided by our donors and to Western University College of Veterinary Medicine (Pomona, CA), which provided this incredibly successful surgery at a greatly reduced cost. Fennec’s dreams have definitely come true. He has healed well and spends his days running and playing with his adoring new human “parent,” who writes:

“Fenn and I are inseperable! He loves cuddling, especially in bed in the morning. He enjoys basking in the sun, walks to the park, visits with his dog friends, and The Beach!!!! It’s his favorite thing in the world. He loves his walks, basks in the admiration of the people he meets. Nothing makes me happier than seeing him prancing along with the wind in his fur. He really is a beautiful little guy!
We’ve recently moved to a small ranch with horses, ponies, llamas, a pig, cats, and chickens. Fenn’s very polite with all the other animals, but makes it clear that I’m his favorite critter.

Fenn loves to sing with me, but the only song he’ll howl to is “loving you is easy cause you’re beautiful.” It was playing on the radio one day and he got so worked up he just had to burst into song. He begs me to sing with him at least once a day. It’s the cutest thing ever.”