Grooming Gives Hope

The Foundation is happiest to provide programs that have a direct impact on the animals that come through the Los Angeles County animal care centers. The Foundation not only wants to help contribute to the comfort of the animals, it seeks to increase adoptions through innovative programs such as Grooming Gives Hope.

Take a moment to take a look at our new videos about the Grooming Gives Hope Program by clicking here: GGH VIDEO

The Grooming Gives Hope program provides funding to help dogs that require professional grooming receive the grooming that they need. Not only does it increase the comfort of animals who may be badly in need of grooming, but the grooming makes the dog more visually appealing, therefore increasing its adoptability. 

Here are some “Before and After” pictures of just a few of the animals that have been a part of this hope-giving program!  Just pass your mouse over the photos to see the amazing differences.

Please point your mouse over any before photo to reveal the after photo: