Programs and Services


Dreams Come True Fund

The Dreams Come True Fund makes dreams come true by providing the required funds for special medical procedures and needs for pets at the Department of Animal Care and Control.

Click here to read about some of the wonderful pets that have benefited from Dreams Come True:

Gordo’s Dreams Came True

Fennec’s Dreams Came True

To help save so many lives and make it possible for dreams to come true, please make a donation today by mailing your contribution to The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation at P.O. Box 100515, Pasadena, CA 91889-0515 or on this website and specify the “Dreams Come True Fund” in your contribution. Your donation will help ensure these wonderful animals receive the treatment necessary to recover and live happy lives in the loving homes they deserve.

Faithful Friends

Make a special commitment to help animals and people in our community. It’s easy, automatic, and so important to thousands of homeless and unwanted animals in our area.

You can make a monthly donation to the Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation by automatic charge to your credit card. You can cancel your pledge at any time by emailing us at

To enroll please click on “Donate” and be sure to select the “recurring gifts” option.

Thank you – your regular support keeps our programs going strong!

Grooming Gives Hope

The Foundation is happiest to provide programs that have a direct impact on the animals that come through the Los Angeles County animal care centers. The Foundation not only wants to help contribute to the comfort of the animals, it seeks to increase adoptions through innovative programs such as Grooming Gives Hope.

The Grooming Gives Hope program provides funding to help dogs that require professional grooming receive the grooming that they need. Not only does it increase the comfort of animals who may be badly in need of grooming, but the grooming makes the dog more visually appealing, therefore increasing its adoptability. As of October 2013, over 5,700 dogs have been groomed thanks to the Grooming Gives Hope program, with their hope for a new home realized.

Click here to see some “before and after” pictures of just a few of the dogs that have participated in the Grooming Gives Hope program.

Noah's Legacy

The Noah’s Legacy Fund was established to provide for the needs of pets that are left behind or otherwise separated from their human families in major disasters and to support the Department’s emergency-response efforts that are so critical to the communities we serve as we continue to respond to the wildfires, flooding, and earthquakes that can occur here.

Please help support some of the newest residents in our care and provide funding for future disaster response efforts!

Your support will help provide the food, shelter and medical care, and spay & neuter surgery for feline, canine, equine and all other pet residents who require shelter and care as a result of a disaster. Your support will also help us reunite these pets with the families that are searching for them and to provide this service in the future when needed.

Please consider making a special donation today to the Noah’s Legacy Fund by mailing your contribution to The Los Angeles County Animal Care Foundation at P.O. Box 100515, Pasadena, CA 91189-0515 on this web site – just click on “Donate” and specify the Noah’s Legacy Fund in your contribution.

How Can You Help Us?

The Foundation assist those who wish to help Los Angeles County animals by providing a donation opportunity. Your contributions to the Foundation support valuable programs such as adoptions, spay-and-neuter services, and direct support to ensure the safety and comfort of animal care center animals.