Department Partnerships

It Takes A Village

The term, “It takes a village” is a phrase that appropriately describes the Department’s relationship with many private organizations in order to accomplish our pet adoption/placement goals. Quite simply, the number of animals entering the care centers daily require solid relationships.


Downey Animal Care Center

DACC works with national animal welfare organizations, as well as local animal rescues/adoption partners to keep the pets at the animal care center moving forward to a lifelong, loving home. Pet transports have been a lifesaver for the DACC’s pets. Private organizations have steadily organized and funded several ongoing flights to other parts of the nation where the DACC’s care center pets are sent to fill a void in other animal care centers. There exists a need at other animal shelters for more adoptable dogs and cats across the country. The DACC is fortunate to have the support of outside non- governmental organizations (NGOs) willing and able to assist in getting our care center pets to these adoption facilities. The success rate is impressive, nearing 100%, for transported pets getting adopted!

The Positive Effect Partnerships Have

Additionally, our partnerships provide resources for off-site adoptions, funding for progressive pet adoption events and volunteers to work these pet placement events. Without a doubt, the success the Department has experienced with care center pet placement is a direct result of our partnership with outside organizations.