Foundation's Board

Dr. Bijula Yusin

Board Member
Board member since February 2024
Current Term of Service:
February 2024 - January 2026

Dr. Bijula Yusin worked as a veterinarian with the Los Angeles Department of Animal Care and Control for about 12 years. She has worked in the field of shelter medicine since 2007, having worked at the Arizona Humane Society prior to joining DACC.

Dr. Yusin obtained her Bachelor of Veterinary Science (BVSc) degree in India and has a Master’s degree in Animal Sciences from Ohio State University. She is a member of the Southern California Veterinary Medical Association (SCVMA) and the Association of Shelter Veterinarians. (ASV).

Dr. Yusin is passionate about animal rescue and increasing pet adoptions at the care centers. She enjoys mentoring veterinary students and vet tech students. She shares her home with her husband, three children, and two Chihuahuas