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John Gonzales

Director Emeritus
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John M. Gonzales, Director Emeritus

Currently I work part-time in the Education Department at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach. As a presenter I enjoy meeting hundreds of visitors while doing presentations and conducting behind-the-scene tours to the general public. At the Aquarium we place a strong emphasis on educating the public about the Aquarium, its philosophies, and the protection of the Pacific Ocean, its ecosystems and marine life.

After completing 32 years in Animal Services, the last ten as Manager of the Mission Viejo Animal Services Center, I retired but have remained active in my passion to work with and help animals of all types and species. My 22 years as an Animal Control Officer and Senior Animal Control Officer prepared me for my role as the Animal Services Manager for the City of Mission Viejo. During my service I prepared ordinances, state statutes, regulations, and city and county polices for the general public and staff and assisted with the investigation and preparation of case files for criminal actions; and served as the liaison with volunteers and staff; assist in coordinating volunteers outside fund raising.

I am a Co-founder/Board Member and Ex-Officio for the Friends of Long Beach Animals, a non-profit charity organization whose goal is to end pet-overpopulation, end animal abuse and support laws and legislation that make abuse of animals a serious crime.

I previously serve as Chairman/Committee member and member of the Board of Trustees of Beach Charities, its purpose is to produce public events that effect possible positive changes in the community and to raise money for local educational, recreational and charitable programs.

Member of the Board of Directors of “The Pet Place” television program shown on local station KDOC Channel 56 and Long Beach Cable television, CVI Channel 3. “The Pet Place” television program has been on the air since April 1990, the program features animals from 22 different Animal Shelters and has been solely responsible for the successful adoption of over 150,000 animals.

Several personal accomplishments include:

  • Serving as Coach, Manager and Vice-President of East Long Beach Junior Baseball league
  • Nominated as City of Long Beach 1988 Centennial Employee of the Year
  • Recipient of the 1994 Business Associate of Year from the American Business Women’s Association
  • Employee of the Year for the City of Mission Viejo 2002

My wife, Cynthia, and I have been volunteers at the Long Beach Community Playhouse for the past thirteen years. We were active with the functions and staged events of the American Business Women’s Association for many years. During that time my wife Cynthia served as President, Vice-President and Secretary of her local chapter.