Foundation's Board

Shelli Amber Weekes

Board Member
Board member since January 2022
Current Term of Service:
January 2022 - December 2024

For many years, SHELLI AMBER WEEKES lived a double life. By day, Shelli was a Human Resources professional in the County of Los Angeles.  Her positions in the County include her being the first Civil Rights Liaison for the Fire Department, Human Resources Manager for the Department of Animal Care and Control and later, the Director of Human Resources for the Department of Public Health.

By night, Shelli was performing as jazz vocalist “Amber Weekes” in clubs around Southern California, at the New Rochelle Jazz Festival in New York, and Caesar’s Palace, as well as nd recording.

Finally, in January of 2019, she retired from the County of Los Angeles and has put all of her efforts into her life as a recording artist and has released three albums, so far, which have all received national and international airplay and very favorable reviews.

Now, in 2022, Shelli had joined the LA County Animal Care foundation board to share her vast knowledge and expertise to help the foundation achieve animal care goals by providing a safe and sound environment for the animals until they find their forever homes.